You want millions of people to see what you're selling?

What are SS Points and how do they work?

Every our VIP member will receive SS points every time when renews its membership or buys a product. SS Points will serve as extra discounts on your orders so you can increase your profit in every sell you make. Each SS Point is worth $0,01 and can be used to discount product prices or shipment costs

How can I get more SS Points?

You will get SS points every time you spend money on our platform. In general, you shall get 2 points each USD 1 you spend on the platform. For starter, you will get 400 points every time you renew your membership with Stop & Shop.
Other ways when you get SS points: Write a review you get 10 SS points, upload a photo in the review you will get 10 SS points, and upload a video gets 20 SS points. 

What is the maximum discount using SS Points?

You can use your SS Points to discount up to 3.5% of the product total price. However, SS Points cannot be used with clearance products, special offers or events.

Can I use SS Points to deduce the shipping costs?

Yes. SS Points can deduct the total cost of most of the products in our platform, shipping cost included. You can discount your SS points up to 3.5% of that product's total price

Is there any restriction to use SS Points?

Yes. SS Points cannot be used to deduct costs of clearance products, special offers or events held on the platform.

Can I lose my SS Points?

Yes. If your account has not been renewed or recharged in 12 months, your SS Points will be cleared. 

Where can I check my SS Points status?

You can check your SS Points status anytime in your personal account.