Start Your Online Business

No Inventory Needed. Just Your  Store

 Find Products to Sell

We offer thousands of products from trusted suppliers. You can easily import them into your store and start selling.

 Fulfil Orders Automatically

When you receive an order you can pay for it with a few clicks. We’ll ship your orders directly to your customers wherever they are.

 Focus on Growth

With access to thousands of products and automatic fulfillment, you can focus on growing your sales.

How We Work 

 Find your favorite products, list them on your website
Discover popular products that you would like to sell on your website. Organize them into your personal inventory and download the product information. List the products on your website or online store; import hundreds of products in minutes instead of spending days or even longer. After all, time is money.

  Process the sale with us
Once you have filled your store with the products you want, your business begins. Just wait for customers to place orders.  After a customer has submitted an order, log in to your Stop & Shop Asia account and order the corresponding products at a specially reduced dropshipping price.

  Products shipped worldwide directly to your customer
Your work is done after you finish payment. We are responsible for checking, packing and shipping the products directly to your customer’s door. This means you never waste any time or energy dealing with these tasks; likewise, you never have to deal with storage fees, packaging costs or labor overheads.

 Sell again, profit again (and again)
Stop & Shop Asia will always be your premier one-stop platform to help to build and grow your business with. Start up your own business with minimal capital and risk. Sell, again and again, making a profit every time. It’s easy with Stop & Shop Asia.